We are a community for women in tech in India and We are here to empower you.

Leapcode is a community for women in tech in India.

At Leapcode we are working to create a balance in the tech ecosystem in india and empower women by bringing all the women in tech from India together to interact with each other, share learnings and help each other in their tech journey.

We are a diverse community. Both men and women worked together to create this platform. So we have decided to keep this community open to both men and women.

Joining Leapcode is absolutely free. Members always have the opportunity to contribute to this not-for-profit project in areas such as bug fixes, feedback, promotions etc.

Intersted in contributing? Write to us at


How it all started?

Hello 👋 I'm Sethu Sathyan

Developer and Community Builder

I've had the pleasure of meeting a lot of inspiring women in the past few years especially at tech conferences. Listening to their inspiring stories and realizing their contribution to the tech world has always brought out the best in me. It has also helped me to step out of my comfort zone and work on versatile projects. These experiences triggered a thought, building a platform to share our stories, experiences and opportunities that are out there for the grabs.

“When women support each other incredible things happen”

That’s when I decided to build Leapcode to inspire every woman in tech in India. Whether you are looking to start your the first job in tech, enroll for a course, switch from a non-tech background to a tech role or looking to specialize in a domain, we aim to bring all these stories & conversations together and help each other. We also want every woman in tech in India to know that you are not alone 👭🏽

Signup and share your story! And if you think this might help your friends, invite them 😊


1. Who can join Leapcode?

Anyone can join Leapcode as long as people joining the community are here to empower women.

2. I don’t have a tech background. Can I still join?

Yes, If you are interested to learn from the community, then we welcome you to join Leapcode.

3. Is the membership free?

Yes, joining Leapcode is absolutely free. We are a not-for-profit project run by a bunch of friends. Our aim is to keep this platform accessible to all.

4. What should I post on Leapcode?

Inspiring stories of people like you always empower others. You can post about resources that helped you, advice to the community, job opportunities, how you solved a particular issue in tech, offer help to the community etc. You can read the community guidelines below.

5. How should I get in touch with the team for questions, feedback or suggestions?

You can always reach out to us by emailing us at hello@leapcode.io

Community Guidelines

1. Treat community members with respect.

2. Leapcode is not a platform for self promotion. Your stories should always focus on how this will help other community members.

3. Please respect the privacy of members.

4. Please refrain from posting your personal sensitive information on Leapcode.

5. If you think someone is not respecting these rules or is making you uncomfortable, reach out to us at support@leapcode.io

6. Leapcode team has the right to remove members who are not following the guidelines.