Special news regarding leapcode

Today, we have some very special news regarding leapcode.

In November 2019, we launched leapcode as an online platform for women in tech to share stories, best practices and help each other in the tech journey. In 3 months we grew to about 150 members on the platform, sharing stories, jobs, learnings etc.

In April 2020, we asked leapcode members, what areas would they like to explore and learn. The responses from the community was mostly on exploring open source projects and contributing. We spoke to a couple of members and realised that this is an area we could help them. We ran a couple of surveys and then started building a solution for this. We called that solution - Leapcode Open. After announcing Leapcode Open through a beta page, we got an overwhelming response from students & professionals all over the world who are interested in contributing to open source.

This made us realise that this is an important problem that we should work on. To have an awesome internet we need good open source projects and contributors. Most of us are interested in contributing to open source, but get stuck on where to start and lack the motivation.

What if we could solve this and change the way people contribute to open source. We thought our focus should be on this and we have done our part in building a nice community for women in tech. This pivot doesn't mean that we are not focusing on diversity in our platforms, but we believe that we did our bit in starting a community for women in tech and will use the learnings to build the open source platform. Having said that there are tons of amazing communities out there for women in tech which we personally like. We won't be discontinuing the platform, but we will be moving it to a new domain women.leapcode.io and you can come back anytime and login using your existing credentials. Nothing have changed, apart from a new domain.

leapcode.io will be the new landing page for Leapcode Open and we would also like to rename it to just Leapcode. The new leapcode.io will be an inclusive platform for all genders who are interested in contributing to to open source. We understand that this change will be confusing at the moment. But we promise you we are trying to build what's best for the community.

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