You too can join Big Brands! 'My journey to AMEX'

Every B.Tech student aims to find job at big companies and brands like Amazon, Google, Amex, etc . Being from a tier 2 or 3 college, it becomes difficult as such companies don't visit for oncampus recruitment, but that doesn't mean you should stop thinking about going there as your first company. There are other WAYS!

Being from a tier 3 college, I joined American Express as a software engineer in July 2019. I got this opportunity through GHCI-2018. 

Grace Hopper Celebration India is India's biggest celebration of women in technology which happens every year at Bangalore in the month of November. It is brought up by partnered by ACM India.

Being a Developer Student Clubs Lead during my 3rd and final year of college, I was sponsored by Google to be a part of this celebration in 2018. I did my search and got to know about the career fair that happens there. GHCI holds a 2-day career fair where you can expect all your dream companies to be there and you can talk to people at different booths and ask for different roles. Many companies like Amex also hold onspot interviews and give you offers.

Since I was in my final year of B.Tech then, I had brushed up my computer science subjects which helped me crack the interview. It was all a single day process with two interview rounds and by the end of the day, I had an offer from Amex with me. 

Since GHCI focuses on empowering women and giving them opportunities in technical domain, their career Fair is one option which one should definitely explore. While the conference has a paid pass, career fair is free and you just need to apply online and avail your ticket. 

To read further details about my interview, you can refer this link-

Feel free to write any questions for me to help you!

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