The art of asking questions by Princiya

This week Princiya has shared her blog with us on the art of asking questions.

Princiya is a technology and start-up enthusiast. JavaScript is her second love, food comes first ;). She loves coding, attending technical conferences, learning new things and meeting new people.

Here is the blog:

Although I have always excelled at academics and extra curricular activities ever since my school days, one thing I have been shy or intimidated about is asking questions. It has happened n number of times to me in the past; my brain has always had a question, but I have always stopped myself from slipping this question out of my tongue thinking I would make a fool out of myself, and only to realise later that somebody else asked an almost similar question and got applauded for asking such a wonderful question!

Do you relate yourself to this situation?

It’s more than a year now, and I am getting better at asking questions, in-fact, sometimes I have way too many questions to ask. Thanks to the Outreachy internship, I have overcome my imposter syndrome! Also, these days, usually I am on the other side of the table while handling interviews or Pull Requests, and I have some advice on the importance of asking questions and how to ask them right.

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