How hackathons helped me to push my capabilities beyond the limits

College days contribute a lot to our growing paths. This is the time when you step into the modern world of information and find your goal. In my college days, I also had that inquisitiveness to become the best of myself and learn more. Unfortunately, except the last year, you mostly don't get any professional experience in terms of Internship which able to guide you how things work practically.  I had created many projects by myself but always had that urge to build an entire software.

While I was thinking about this, an opportunity popped into my path and it changed so many things. My college organized a 24 - hour hackathon in which I participated. Being in only a 2-member team we created a healthcare product for the doorstep Vaccination. Although, it was my first time, we came as a  runner-up and won the prize as well. But those 24 hours, I invested my time in learning multiple things to complete my projects entirely which I would never learn if anyone tells me to do that.  This was the beginning of something new.

After that, I participated in 5 hackathons. In all of these hackathons, I always chose the problem statements of different technical fields such as Android development, FinTech, BlockChain, and Computer Vision. Believe me, being a novice student who usually procrastinates for learning something new, can learn anything and can create a bug-free pipeline in a limited time period.

All of these hackathons helped me to shape my career as I get to know a lot in a limited amount of time. Also because of these hackathons, I filled the empty field of co-curricular activities in my resume which strengthen my profile.

The aim of taking part in the hackathons is not always winning but to become an updated version of yourself by thinking through creative ideas, networking with the like-minded people,and having a chance to win awesome goodies and prizes. There are many communities that organize hackathons regularly such as Skillenza so be a part of these communities and become a better version of yourself.

You can see the advantages of hackathons from this link:

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