How community helped me grow ?

I have been a part of communities as an Attendee, Speaker, Organizer. I have tried to contribute in the ecosystem but I am certain to have gained much more.

It all started with my visit to Google Dev fest in ISDI, 2017.

I could see what the world is upto or I should say I got to know, I need to know so much more !!!

The rooms full of tech ninjas and enthusiasts were so inspiring that I decided to continue being part of it and contribute along with learning from it.

The contribution took a big turn when I visited Bangalore for GDD 2017. There I ended meeting Google engineers, experts and community leaders. I was thrilled to have been choosen to run WomenWill program for women entrepreneurs for Mumbai.

We organize events, BizFest, Mentoring sessions.

Everytime while discussing or mentoring a startup, I grow my perspective. Whenever I have given talk on something, I have learnt a subject better. While attending an event also I make new friends & peer connects.

Overall, when I look back all I can say is, I have grown as a person first and professional later. Only community or one-on-one meeting with people can grow you as a person.

The community like leapcode is much needed space to continue gathering like minded coders and entrepreneurs. I am really glad to be a part of this space.

Here was a beginning of my journey so far...

What's yours ? 

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Sethu Sathyan
a year ago

For me also community opened a lot of doors in terms of opportunities. The first community I was part of was Mozilla Kerala and then GDG Trivandrum and Women Techmakers Trivandrum. It is a great space to meet people, build connections and learn new things :)